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  • Tungsten Carbide Spray Nozzles(15)
  • Sandblasting Nozzles(5)
  • Oil & Slurry Nozzles(5)
  • Misting & Fogging Nozzles(5)
  • Tungsten Carbide Materials(19)
  • Tungsten Carbide Rod(5)
  • Tungsten Carbide Plate(4)
  • Tungsten Carbide Ring(4)
  • Tungsten Carbide Bar&Strip(4)
  • Tungsten Ball(2)
  • Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools(51)
  • Threading Inserts(5)
  • Welding Inserts(5)
  • Carbide Inserts(5)
  • PCD&CNC Tools(6)
  • Drilling Bits(5)
  • End Mills(5)
  • Carbide Burrs(5)
  • Indexable Inserts(5)
  • Turning Inserts(5)
  • Grooving inserts(5)
  • Wear Parts(45)
  • Disc Cutter(3)
  • Seal Rings(4)
  • Rollers&Rings(4)
  • Guide Wheels(5)
  • Carbide Piston Parts(5)
  • Ball Bearing Parts(5)
  • Nails&Pins(5)
  • Valve Parts(4)
  • Carbide Center(5)
  • Sand Making Machine Parts(5)
  • Woodworking Tools(46)
  • Saw Blades(5)
  • Saw Tips(5)
  • Router Bits(5)
  • Planer Blades(6)
  • Wood Cutter Heads(5)
  • Wood Drill Bits(5)
  • Profile Cutters(5)
  • Reversible Knives(5)
  • Shaper Cutters(5)
  • Mining Tools(15)
  • Rock Drilling Tools(3)
  • Coal Mining Tools(4)
  • Oil-field Drilling Tools(4)
  • Geological Exploration Tools(4)
  • Tungsten Jewelry(19)
  • Tungsten Rings(5)
  • Tungsten Watch,Watch Parts(4)
  • Tungsten Necklaces(5)
  • Tungsten Bracelets&Chains(5)
  • Tunsten Carbide Dies(19)
  • Drawing Die(5)
  • Punching Die(5)
  • Cold Heading Die(5)
  • Cold Forging Die(4)


    Welcome to Zhengtong factory ,

    currently our site is under construction,Please contact us via skype or e-mails...

    Zhengtong Special Material Factory Hi & New Tech Zone Chengdu has been founded in 1998. We are a professional factory engaged in Cemented Carbide products design, development and production.

    Our main products are high quality cemented carbide products, such as drill bit sets (oil & mine), compound substrates, inserts, cutting tools, sectional materials, wear-resistant parts, stretching dies, punching dies, roller collars, die blank products, mining alloys, wood cutting tools, nozzle valves, sealing rings, military industrial series of products, high density non-standard products, large precision sheet metal parts and others. Besides,we also design and manufacture the tungsten jewelry,such as watches,rings,pendants,earrings and so on.

    Our factory is located in Hi&New tech zone,Chengdu,Sichuan Province and our company owns modernized workshops of 3,000 square meters. We are a technology-oriented factory ,we actively introduce mixing ball mill, image analyzer, and magnetic analyzer, such most advanced production and testing equipment, R&D high-quality precision instrument, deep cemented carbide products". Our company has 20 years of manufacturing experience, many senior carbide engineers and a professional team.




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  • Products Name: Special Knives

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